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.Providing a variety of software services, including: application design, game design, site design, etc., which can be very useful for your business
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Anyone alone can change the world with their ideas! We are with you until the last step of implementing the idea you have in mind
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When executing a project you will be surrounded by people who are the best at their job And this guarantees the quality of your project

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Game Development

Design of 2D and 3D games for all platforms including: Windows - Android - iOS

Website Development

Custom Website Design with Custom or WordPress Management System (Customer Selected)

Application Development


Specialized design of best quality application for all platforms including: Windows - Android -iOS

Electronic circuits

Design and implementation of electronic projects,
Electronic circuit assembly

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NiCode Company started operating in February 2010. The company, which specializes in producing specialized software, has taken valuable steps to improve the quality of customer service by attracting in-house specialists.

Web Development
Android & iOS App Development
2D & 3D Game Development
Manufacture & Design of Electronic Circuits
Support Projects

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Nowadays it is the age of technology. Everyone has an idea in mind that if it is given a little bit of a wingspan and executed, it can shock the world on its own! In this section you can see some of our implemented ideas.

One of the best software companies in my opinion is NiCode because they have good support and high quality project delivery.

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