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Atlantis Clinic

There are many people who have to wait a long time every day due to the crowded clinics and medical centers. On the other hand, the personnel of these centers are having difficulty in turning and serving the huge floods of the patients. The Atlantis project, which consists of applications from clients& clinic staff and a management panel, has come to the aid of these people so that they can easily continue their lives.

Customers App

The busy life of people has made them less likely to care about their health and beauty. On the other hand, many people have to wait a long time in medical centers or have difficulty receiving appointments.
Nicode company has come to the aid of the Atlantis beauty clinics by designing customer applications. With this app, customers can view the facilities and services of Atlantis Clinic and, according to their conditions, fix their day and time in each of the seven Atlantis branches.

Personal App

From now on, Atlantis branch personnel can manage their affairs in the personnel app instead of facing a large number of customers and wasting time. Through this app, staff can check the appointments received by customers. Also, record their activity report on a daily basis.

Management Panel

As mentioned, Atlantis has seven branches. Therefore, managing these branches in the current busy world seems to be a very difficult job. Imagine that the manager of Atlantis would have to go to all branches daily and manage everything. In this case, the manager must ignore the rest of his life and focus all his attention on the affairs of the Atlantis branches.
From now on, with the design of the management panel provided by Nicode experts, the manager of Atlantis can handle the affairs of the branches at any time through this panel.