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What is precisely digital marketing is?

Digital marketing is marketing on the Internet. Different brands send their marketers to stores to persuade salespersons to buy their products. That is a clear answer to ‘why great companies spend a lot on marketing’; because they need to introduce their products to sell more. And what is more important than raising is introducing the product properly, which causes trust and purchase.

Even if you have the best product or service, but you cannot introduce it properly, you will fail.

Digital marketing is somehow more complicated than field marketing, but it is far more effective, costs less, and has a much bigger target population.

There are many digital marketing strategies, and it is the utilization of these tactics that makes you successful in the market.

Our interest and experience in this field have led us to research in all digital marketing areas over the years.

Some of the areas that our digital marketing team is involved in are the following:

  • consulting and branding design
  • Website and social media SEO services
  • Creating and managing social pages (Instagram, Linked In, etc.)
  • Content production (article, image, video, post, and story) for social pages and websites

In short, digital marketing is crucial, and if you are confident about the quality of your product or service, digital marketing is your springboard.


Nicode studio

Quality is way powerful than any advertisement. Quality is a moving billboard carried by a satisfied customer. To show a high-quality product, we should present it in the best possible way, which requires experts and equipment.

The Brand consulting

Branding is infusing your brand! It means creating value and a distinctive, unique picture of your products or services in people’s minds. By branding, we make your product or service last forever in the customers’ hearts and minds. Branding is a complex, time-consuming process that requires careful and calculated planning, and it doesn’t happen overnight. Apple did not become Apple overnight.
Jeff Bezos, the Amazon founder, says: “Your brand is what others say about you when you are not there.”

Graphic Design

A good shop window makes a customer enter a store. Graphic design is just like your online business shop window. The more creative it is, the more people it attracts. That’s why we gather creative graphic designers in our team.

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