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Ortho Biomed

Prior to organ transplantation, Ortho Biomed uses artificial intelligence to analyze a number of suggested samples. And after professional experience and analysis, it announces the sample that further increases its rate of adaptation to the recipient body.


Every day, there are people around the world who die from rejecting a transplanted organ This is just one of the many aspects of organ transplant surgeries that have failed. Other aspects include:
Exorbitant costs of sampling and repeat surgeries
Continuation of the presence of the surgical team in the operating rooms
Fear and unwillingness of people to donate organs
Therefore, the need for a solution to reduce the percentage of errors and problems expressed is obvious. This solution is provided by the Ortho Biomed Center. This means that, embedded by equipment, especially artificial intelligence, presents several samples for testing and after analysis on the samples, the sample that is most adaptable to the recipient is announced by the mechanism expressed.
This project has a site that all the above steps are done. The Ortho Biomed site was designed and built by Nicode specialists in the shortest possible time.